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Success Stories

"You are one of the best performing overseas teams! Good work. Looking forward to seeing you back in Hong Kong."

Elsie Tang, Manager, China and International Operations

Invest Hong Kong Investments Leads, October 2018


Success Story

Success Story


The best way to explain the benefits of our mix-and-match tailored services is to let our clients tell you their story. We chose to tell you about our project with the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and how we successfully worked together to achieve their goals in South America.

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The goal of this mission was to promote Ontario companies’ experience and expertise in the South American region and position Ontario companies from various areas in the region through major sporting events such as the Pan American Games Lima 2019, Pan American Games Santiago 2023 and the Youth Games in Argentina 2018.

Establish strong working relationships between Canadian and Peruvian key national stakeholders (Ministry of International Trade, Embassies, Regional Trade Services, main sponsor companies) for the Pan American Games Lima 2019, to create business opportunities for companies in both countries and foster further commercial ties between Canada and Peru.

Our team organised two inbound trade missions to Lima (2016 and 2017) during which we coordinated key meetings between Ontario companies and the pertinent department within the Lima 2019 organisation.


The strategy


The challenge


The process

When Peru began discussions about a government to government program for the Lima Games 2019, we introduced the Canadian Commercial Corporation to the Committee, marking the beginning of a 7-month long negotiation process involving companies such as Deloitte Canada, IBI Group, Ellis Don and B+H Architects.

We successfully positioned Ontario as an expert in large sporting and massive events in the region in countries such as Argentina and Chile, and many business opportunities were created from these events.

Here are a few opportunities created through this mission:


  • Perusal of Ontario companies became State Suppliers in our region. We assisted companies such as VuPoint and Reich+Petch to register as suppliers to the Peruvian Government.


  • ​The organisation of outbound visit to Ontario by sporting experts such as Michael Black (Chile) and Federico McCormick (Argentina) increased sharing of regional needs 


  • Vu Point pursued a US$580 million fiber optic project in Peru.

Conducting government lobbying with high ranked government officials in favor of Ontario companies including the Foreign Affairs Advisor to the President of Peru. Our team visited Toronto in 2016 to further organise business meetings related to the games. For instance, we supported BSI who was bidding for host broadcaster for the games.

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