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Take advantage of Peru’s agricultural sector

Did you know Peru's agricultural exports reached a record high of US$10.421 billion in 2022, a 13.6% growth compared to the sales recorded in 2021?

Coffee, refined cane or beet and cane sugar are some of the traditional products that go to the international markets, attracting investors from all over the world. Despite inclement weather characterized by torrential rains and seasonal flooding, Peru's agricultural sector made substantial progress during the first quarter of 2023.

Biggest products going to global markets

Non-traditional products that stood out in the agricultural-exports ranking during 2022 were fresh cranberries, which totaled US$1.364 billion and accounted for 15% of total sales, fresh grapes (US$1.364 billion), avocados (US$895 million), and fresh or chilled asparagus (US$372 million). Other products that also highlighted in the ranking include fresh mangoes, whose sales amounted to US$301 million and made up 3.3% of the total, other citrus fruits (US$178 million), other cacao beans (US$159 million), frozen mangoes (US$148 million), and artichokes (US$129 million).

Blueberries also stood out in the industry, presenting a 37,5% increase in its production in the first quarter of 2023. According to a report issued by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, the rebound in blueberry production played a key role in driving growth, posting a notable progress. The country has added almost 3.000 new hectares of blueberry crops per year since 2016, offering a wide variety of options to the global consumers.

Local events strengthening the agricultural market

This year our Peru headquarters had the chance to participate in Salon du Chocolat, on behalf of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. This is the largest event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa, and this 2023 arrived for the first time in Peru. There, we had the opportunity to represent the American company CocoaTown, who promoted their equipment and met with current and potential buyers. We are committed to show firms from different countries the South American cocoa industry, one of the most competitive ones, with the significant presence of the top five global players.

Also on behalf of the Georgia Department, our Peruvian office hosted the visit from Crider Foods to Santiago, Chile and Lima to meet local companies and promote their large variety of products and look for potential suppliers. Finally, we also organized a trade mission for the North Dakota Trade Office, which was a 4-day program to present potential buyers to companies in the grain market.

South America offers great opportunities in the agricultural sector, and the region accounts for about a quarter of the global exports. Its diverse infrastructure and climates provides a wide variety of products that can appeal different markets around the world.

Destination markets

The main destinations for Peruvian products are the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Ecuador, China, England, Germany, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. Together, these countries accounted for 77.1% of the total value exported in 2022.

Even after the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, the increase in the prices of fertilizers, or the severe draught cause by global warming in the region, the sector showed a great performance, supplying excellent products to the main markets around the world, specially provided by small farmers.

Regarding future prospects, in the next decade favorable export are expected from Peru and the region backed by new economic agreements that are opening new markets in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Latin America and Africa will lead growth in agricultural production in the next 10 years.


If you’re looking for products from the highest quality, Peru has a lot to offer. Different climates that can provide a wide variety of options, a growing industry, developing infrastructure and new economic agreements are improving the work frame for the market. Peru is well renewed for its world-class cuisine, which in great part comes from their great quality produce. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation to know more about one of the more important agricultural markets in Latin America.

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