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We are BusinessHub,  a leading International Business Development Firm in South America.

BusinessHub is a leading trade consulting firm helping private businesses and governments to capitalize on market opportunities in South America and lead their expansion plans to success.  

We are a Chilean Business Development Consultancy located in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru. With more than 20 years of experience growing companies in South American markets, our services provide complete and comprehensive support to our clients, from drawing up industry focused market reports to identifying investment opportunities or finding distributors to support their business in a new location.

All of our clients benefit from having a complete support process available in house and tailored to their specific needs. We help them organising and taking part in trade missions, webinars and trade shows. We also deliver market reports, provide due diligence, legal and accounting services and support in navigating market regulations as well as conduct distributor research to find the right partners for their business.

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Government Partners





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Firms assisted

How do we work?

Our step by step, tailored approach to support your business expansion in South America.

First contact

First meeting

Every project starts with collaboration. We learn everything about your business ambitions, collectively define what your needs and goals are and determine metrics for success.


After our first brief, we define the project steps and the time framework. We  then submit our proposal defining the type of service that would be most adequate for your business and present our execution plan.

Once it has been approved, our team can starts working on it. We regularly check in to keep you updated on our progress and get your feedback.

Our team is committed to delivering the most personalised and highest quality work to our clients, no matter the type of project. As we offer a variety of services, the execution steps of the project vary from one to another, but often include collecting extensive industry-related data, performing market and competitive analysis, making first contact with local distributors, organising meetings with relevant partners and more.



Final report


We deliver the final report with our recommendations and solutions for your project, and discuss them with you. Your satisfaction and the success of your business plans is our top priority, so we keep in touch with you to see your results and performance!

Our ethos
How do we work

Our ethos


Our values

To help our clients achieve their business objectives in South America while fostering two way trade and investment opportunities between this region and the rest world.

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Our mission

To be the leading international business consultancy firm in South America by delivering world class service to our clients.

Our team

Our team

Our team

Veronica Medina

Founder & CEO

Veronica is the Founder and CEO of BusinessHub with over 30 years experience in international business development. She has been involved in high level projects with governments and has assisted numerous MNCs, SMEs and startups with doing business in the region.

Veronica is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Barbara Freitas

Project Director

Barbara brings 10 years of political-economic experience to the team, having worked for socio- economic development organizations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and South Africa.


Barbara speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Ximena Portillo

Market Analyst Peru

Ximena has a Master's in Political and Corporate Communication, having studied in Spain and the United States. She also has over four years of experience in international business, planning and executing commercial strategies.

She has worked in Peru, the United Arab Emirates and Spain in organizations as UNICEF Spain, Hapag-Lloyd, Telefónica and Abbott Laboratories. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Gonzalo Suez

Market Analyst

Gonzalo has a Master's degree in Management (major: Marketing) completed at the prestigious university Kedge Business School in France, Europe. He brings more than three years of experience in the business administration and marketing areas, carrying out tasks for companies in Norway and Chile.


Gonzalo has lived in Italy, Israel, France, Norway, and Chile. He is fluent in English, native in Spanish, and has basic knowledge of French and Italian.

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Internship program

Our internship program

Would you like to do internship with us?

Our people are our most important asset and we actively look for talented people to join our global team. 


Taking part in a Businesshub placement will allow you to gain experience on international business development while working in a multicultural environment, with clients from all around the world.

If you would like to join us, please send your CV to: 

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