Many North American, European and Asian governments have trade and/or investment programs to either help increase their companies´ exports internationally or to attract foreign investment. As their official representatives, we assist the following governments reach their trade or investment objectives:

  • Invest Hong Kong (China)

  • Ontario Ministry of International Trade (Canada)

  • Georgia Department of Economic Development (USA)

  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation (USA)

  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (USA)

  • Great Lakes and State Governors (USA)

  • Ohio Development Services Agency 

  • New York City Economic Development Corporation


We work with private companies who want to start or continue doing business in South America

throughout the entire process, from market research and validation to securing business transactions as your exclusive business development agency in South America. We also provide value added services such as translation and accounting services, so that our clients can get their business running from the get go.

Some of our current and past clients include:

IBI Group (Canada), Preservation Technologies (USA), Crystal Lagoons (Chile), Delta Cafes (Portugal), Major Events International (UK),  Truelite (South Korea), among many others.


Solid market research should be the most important consideration when deciding to enter into a new market. Our executives have 50 years of combined experience in the production of market research and industry reports for governments and the private sector including the publication of socio-economic reports on world renowned media such as the USA Today (USA) and The Globe and Mail (Canada).


As the official representatives for 1st West Mergers and Acquisitions ( in Chile and Peru, we assist local companies to sell their business to foreign investor through the following process:

  • Valuation of the Chilean or Peruvian company

  • Taking the company to the international market

  • Negotiating with potential foreign investors

  • Completing the merger or acquisition

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