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As of May 2016, BusinessHub has operations in Lima, Peru, headed by Eduardo Garcia-Zapatero. The opening of our Peruvian office is not only as a result of BusinessHub's successes but also the growing opportunities for our partners in this market.  

Eduardo Garcia-Zapatero - Commercial Director

With experience in sales, public relations, lobbying, business negotiations, in depth-market research and high level networking having lived and worked in Canada, USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Macau (China), Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Peru, Eduardo brings over 10 years of global commercial experience to BusinessHub.  He introduced the Bulgari hotel amenity line into the Brazilian market and has also published several socio-economic reports on emerging economies in world renowned media such as USA Today and The Globe and Mail, where he presented Peru’s macro-economic achievements to over 1.5 million Canadians with the endorsement from the Peruvian Government. This international experience, combined with sound knowledge of all economic sectors, a strong global network and a solid commercial trajectory is vital to BusinessHub and its portfolio of clients.  
Professional Experience

-   Milestone Global Reports and Publishing 2013-2016
- Comerx Group LLC 2012-2013
- AFA-Press 2011-2012
- Swisssol Inc / LLC 2009-2011
- The Butchart Gardens Ltd 2005-2007

- Business Administration/Marketing, Camosun College (Canada)
- Business International Trade, FITT (Canada)
- Web Writing and Social Media Communication - Copywriting, University of Toronto (Canada)

Native Spanish and English; working proficiency in Portuguese