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Pro-Active-Research enables its clients to save money whilst saving the planet by adding their fuel conditioner, EuroAd, to regular fuel, converting it into Proven Premium Fuel. We are proud to represent this green solution in the Chile, Peru and Colombia, which has been internationally proved to save fuel in mining, CAT motors and numerous other applications.

We are the official in-market representative for the Georgia Department of Economic Development (USA) in Chile, Peru and Argentina. Georgia aims to increase exports from the state into the aforementioned markets as well as continuing to generate brand awareness with a particular focus on developing the following industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Agribusiness,  Arts, Automotive, Chemicals, Contact Centers, Data Centers, Defense, Digital Entertainment, Film And Television, Food Processing, Logistics & Transportation and Tourism.
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The mission of Invest Hong Kong is to attract and retain foreign direct investment into Hong Kong by working with overseas and mainland entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals that wish to set up an office or expand their business in Hong Kong. BusinessHub is the FDI promotion consultant for Invest HK for the entirety of Latin America, excluding Brazil. For more information please contact Verónica Medina:

Stevens and Lee/Griffin International LLC is a firm focused on import/export assistance, international trade and investment, and inbound and outbound M&A, they work with U.S. and foreign companies and other entities with global aspirations to formulate strategies and make connections that will contribute to their long-term growth and success.

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BusinessHub partners with Porcel & Asociados Abogados (Porcel and Associates) in Argentina in order to provide services of the highest quality to companies who have an interest in entering the Argentine market. Porcel & Asociados Abogados is a prestigious Argentine law firm which offers its clients comprehensive legal counsel through a team of professionals specialising in different practice areas of the Law. Additionally, Porcel and Associates' collaboration agreements with numerous law firms that share their same philosophy have allowed them to continuously offer a rigorous and quality service, extending to all corners of Argentina. Martin Porcel, Founding Partner of Porcel and Associates, is not only a legal expert but also brings to the table years of experience in foreign trade. 

BusinessHub officially represents the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers (GSGP) in Chile. The Conference represents the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin alongside the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. These states and provinces cover an economy worth US$5 trillion. As part of this representation we currently actively promote trade from the state of Wisconsin to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay; and between Pennsylvania and Chile, Peru and Colombia.

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We represent the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.  The WEDC look to create bilateral links between the state of Wisconsin and countries abroad to both promote exports from Wisconsin on an international level and to increase foreign investment in Wisconsin.

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EnviroAmbient is a US based company that creates clean energy solutions for power plants that consume fossil fuels during their industrial process. Their machinery captures air pollutants such as mercury, NOx, SOx, arsenic, chromium, nickel, and acid gases with up to 98% efficiency, and offers a practical method to dealing with environmental contamination.
Global Strategy, Inc. is a boutique business development consulting firm that provides customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of business strategies. They utilize unique and proven methodologies to deliver actionable results to clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  They assist clients in creating and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other organizations such as BusinessHub where we represent them in Chile, Colombia and Peru.  To date we have worked with Global Strategy, Inc. on pharmaceutical products and in the food and beverage industry across the three markets.
We represent Major Events International (MEI) in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Argentina.  MEI works with commercial companies and government agencies to provide a menu of support to help them achieve their objectives, primarily in international trade. This is achieved from consulting on strategy, providing market profiles, connectivity to the right customers and communities, supporting visits and providing follow-up using local representatives in the target market to find partners or acquisitions.  Our partnership with MEI also allows our other partners to access local representation and market intelligence in the UK, Europe, Australia, Brazil, the USA, China, Qatar, Russia and India.

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The Chamber of the Americas is a not-for-profit organization with a simple, profoundly important goal: To help you make the most of your business opportunity in the Americas. The Chamber’s mission is to facilitate commerce and understanding between the businesses and governments of the Western Hemisphere. The Chamber connects industries, businesses, and investors with each other, and with the government sector; and disseminate the information, education and cultural knowledge vital to the advancement of the collective goals. For more information on membership costs and benefits please contact:
1stWEST Mergers and Acquisitions LLC is a boutique investment banking and advisory firm dedicated to serve private businesses worldwide in the lower middle-market.  Their team brings proven and industry specific business experience and unique business solutions to owners and shareholders interested in selling their business, acquiring another business or raising growth capital.  BusinessHub represents the company in Chile. For more information please contact Verónica Medina: ​

We represent the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure of Ontario, Canada in Chile, Colombia and Peru.  The Ministry’s objective is to develop trade and commerce between Chile and Ontario through corporate visits, trade missions and conferences, the marketing of Ontario based companies and their products and services, and the identification of suitable partners  for Chilean and Ontario companies.  We work across a very wide range of industries and sectors but Ontario has particular strengths in information and communication technologies, medical equipment and supplies, mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment, and infrastructural  engineering amongst others. For more information please contact Diego Muñoz:

BusinessHub officially represents Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI) in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Invest NI represent Northern Irish companies looking to seek business and investment opportunities in foreign markets around the world.  We actively promote trade and investment from Northern Ireland in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Key industries of interest for Northern Ireland are food and beverage; aerospace and defence; construction; business, legal and financial services; creative industries; ICT; life and health sciences; materials handling; security; and energy and renewables. 

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