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Mergers and Acquisitions

BusinessHub Consultants acts as the authorized representative for 1st West Mergers and Acquisitions in Chile and Peru.  We identify foreign buyers and investors looking to buy Chilean or Peruvian companies.
To enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome and the creation of value through M&A, our team provides services such as valuation, strategic identification of foreign investors, market preparation, due diligence, and negotiation support. 
if you are a Chilean or Peruvian company looking to sell or re-capitalize your business, contact us today.


Our M&A process

We provide professional valuation advisory services to businesses of all types that are interested in selling their entire company or part of it. Through our FREE valuation services, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your financial position, economic growth, and market value. This in-depth assessment ensures that you receive the most precise and accurate evaluation of your company's worth.

Company Valuation


We then initiate the process of identifying and reaching out to potential investors worldwide who align with your specific criteria. Once we have compiled a portfolio of strategic investors, we introduce your company to this list of prospects to identify the most suitable match for your business.

Investor Identification


Once a mutual interest between your business and the potential buyer has been established, we begin an evaluation of the target company and the overall transaction. Throughout this process, we are dedicated to supporting you during negotiations, conducting due diligence, creating the purchase and sale contract, and ultimately, finalizing the transaction.

Purchase & sale contract


Successful M&A transactions led in the past

1st West Mergers and Acquisitions has achieved 30+ successful business transactions with a total value exceeding US 1 billion dollars.  We have been supporting them since 2018. . Our clients incude small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from various industries worldwide, excluding real estate. 

Contact us 

Interested in our services? Please fill in our contact form or get in touch at to see how our team can support your organization.


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