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Toronto Global Forum - Panel Presentation - July 2015  

As part of the Toronto Global Forum we participated as a speaker and panel member in a Construction Investment Seminar representing the Infrastructure and Construction industries of Chile.  Our presentation covered the main areas where foreign companies can invest in Chilean construction and infrastructure projects mainly through 3P projects highlighting the development portfolio for the 2014-18 mandate.  This was followed by a more specific and detailed Q&A session with top tier investors from around the world.

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IFT Energy Fair - Investment Roundtable Event - April 2015

We organized an Investors Roundtable event as part of the IFT Energy Fair 2015, one of the biggest international renewable energy fairs in Latin America.  Preparation involved attracting investors, equipment/service suppliers and renewable energy project developers to participate and the marketing of the three day trade show organized by a leader in business show management for the aerospace, defense, security, health and food industries.  In total, 289 one-on-one meetings were arranged for the one day Investors Roundtable event.