Water Solutions - Breakfast Seminar - January 2016 

We organized two breakfast seminars with potential distributors and end clients of a private company from the US that offers Water Sealing Solutions in Chile.  This involved research, filtering and verifying potential contacts to be invited to the seminars, and the organization of the breakfasts in our office space.  We also facilitated the headhunting and eventual recruitment of two Chileans to represent the company in the Chilean market.

Water - Sector Report - June 2015

Elaboration of a Chilean water sector report which included a market overview, subsector overviews of water treatment, desalination, hydropower and irrigation, an analysis of regulations and opportunities for Ontario companies and an identification of key players and events.

Water Solutions - Trade Mission - October 2015 

We arranged four meetings for a one day visit of a water sealing solutions specialist company and consultancy firm.  These meetings were arranged in conjunction with the company’s participation in CONEXPO – South America’s first international construction trade show.  Our services were requested just four days prior to the day of the meetings.  Thanks to the contacts established the company then considered establishing sales and warehouse facilities in Chile to expand internationally, leading to their trip in January 2016. 

Water Management Software - Trade Mission - November 2015

Trade mission organized for an Ontario engineering consulting company that designs decision making support software for public and private organizations in the water management sector.  This trip included 7 targeted meetings with local counterparts.  We also supported the company with logistical and linguistic planning.

Waste Water & Treatment - Trade Mission - May 2015 

Visit of six waste water and water treatment companies from Ontario to Santiago, Chile. The objective of the visit was to coordinate one-on-one meetings between the Ontario companies and the Chilean counterparts, with the purpose of assessing business opportunities in this field. As part of the mission, BusinessHub organized a market briefing session to provide key industry information to the Ontario companies. Services: elaboration of databases, coordination of 41 meetings, and dinner with Canadian Embassy.

Waste & Materials Handling - Sector Reports - March 2016 

We completed detailed sector studies for Invest Northern Ireland, each of which included an import analysis, a competitor analysis, detailed lists of potential partners and end clients, information on relevant associations and trade shows, and recommendations of the best opportunities for Northern Irish companies. The environmental studies completed were on Waste and Materials Handling in Chile and Waste and Materials Handling in Mexico.

Bioremediation of Soils - Partner Search - March 2015 

We identified and verified potential producers for a bioremediation of soils company in the South American region principally for exporting to Brazil where due to local regulation the product cannot be easily made.  The search was focused on dairy product producers who have highly-specific machinery needed to produce the product.  The search also included an analysis of export and transport costs from the production country to the Brazilian market to analyze suitability.  As a result of this research, we focused on Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina as the most suitable production countries for this product.

Water and Sludge Solutions - Trade Mission - November 2015

Trade mission organized for an Ontario company that is a provider of water and sludge management solutions for the industrial sector.  This trip included 6 targeted meetings with local counterparts.  We also supported the company with logistical and linguistic planning.


Water Management - Trade Mission - September 2017

Visit of four Ontario companies to Santiago and Lima, from September 11th to 15th. The delegation included companies in the water management, sanitary services and erosion control sectors. We coordinated B2B meetings in Santiago and Lima with local counterparts in order to establish relationships and initiate business partnerships. In total, 44 meetings took place over five days. The visit included a technical presentation and tour of the Fraunhofer Institute -  Center for Systems Biotechnology and  a briefing session at the Novotel Hotel, where an extensive overview of Chile and Peru was offered to the Ontario companies

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