Energy - Trade Mission - June 2017 

Visit of four Canadian companies to Colombia from 27-30 June 2017. The delegation included companies that offered software and technology for the energy sector such as electricity transmission and distribution companies. We coordinated B2B meetings in Medellin and at the ANDESCO Conference in Cartagena with local Colombian counterparts in order to establish relationships and initiate business partnerships. In total, 36 meetings took place over the 4 days. A final report with all contact details was also submitted at the end of the Mission.    

Renewable Energy - Trade Show - April 2015 

We organized an Investors Roundtable event as part of the IFT Energy Fair 2015, one of the biggest international renewable energy fairs in Latin America.  Preparation involved attracting investors, equipment/service suppliers and renewable energy project developers to participate and the marketing of the three day trade show organized by a leader in business show management for the aerospace, defense, security, health and food industries.  In total, 289 one-on-one meetings were arranged for the one day Investors Roundtable event.

Renewable Energy - Sector Report - December 2015 

Elaboration of a Chilean renewable energy sector report which included a market overview, subsector overviews, an analysis of regulations and opportunities for Ontario companies and an identification of key players and events.


Energy - Meeting Facilitation - January 2017 

We coordinated five meetings between Carbon Free and international trade and investment promotion government agencies, as well as the domestic association of electric companies and the local electric market regulating body. This program took place over a span of two days.  

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Renewable Energy - Trade Show - November 2016 

We organized an investment roundtable, sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Energy, for the Chilean renewable energy sector.  15 project developers and 23 investors/providers participated in the event, with a total of 82 meetings coordinated. The event took place over 2 days during the IFT-Energy Atacama Desert trade show in Antofagasta, Chile.   

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Renewable Energy - Investor Search - March 2017 

A project developer of a biomass renewable energy plant in the Bio-Bio region of Chile has requested BusinessHub to find an investor for their project. Services include: elaboration of database of domestic and international investors, coordination of meetings and negotiation facilitator.

Power Generation - Meeting Facilitation - April 2016 

We coordinated 3 meetings between an electrical equipment manufacturer and local representatives, distributors and end clients during the Expomin trade show.  We also supplied the company with information on power generation in the mining industry and the main players in the market.

Renewable Energy - Trade Show - June 2016 

We organized an investor’s roundtable for the Chilean mini-hydro sector with 23 projects, 4 water rights owners and 20 investors participating in the 2-hour event which was organized in conjunction with the APEMEC trade show.  Investors came from Chile, Panama, France, Austria, Germany and the USA to participate in the event which saw a total of 109 meetings taken place.  All of the participants were recruited by ourselves.