Our Government Representation Services

Market Research and Industry Reports

Market research should be the most important consideration when deciding to enter into a new market. Our executives have 30+ years of combined experience in the production of market research and industry reports for governments and the private sector including the publication of socio-economic reports for emerging economies on world renowned media such as the USA Today (USA) and The Globe and Mail (Canada).

 Trade Missions

Looking to bring a delegation of companies to explore market
opportunities in South America? We are here to support. To date, we
have been involved in more than 90 trade missions from the USA,
Canada, Northern Ireland, Indonesia and more. We are able to assist
with setting the right business meetings for your clients,
accommodation, transport needs, interpretation if required and more.
Count on us to deliver a smooth trade mission for your companies

Translation & Interpretation

We offer the following services to our government and commercial clients.

  • ​ Translation of marketing materials

  • Interpretation for business meetings.


We have spoken in various webinars to help promote trade and
investment in our region by organizing various webinars with our
government partners to market South America. This includes general
doing business in South America webinars, to specific webinars
targeting specific industries. We can also source and bring in subject
experts if required. To date, we have conducted webinars for the
State of New York, The Great Lakes in the US and private
engagements as well.

 Trade Shows

South America is home to some of the biggest trade shows in Latin
America, such as Expomin, Espacio Food & Service and more. We are
able to help your companies in the logistics required to establish a
booth, including negotiating with the event organizer, arranging
meetings during the event, assisting in accommodation and travel
arrangements to manning the booth for your client.

Distributor Search

With our extensive network and knowledge of the South American markets, we can help companies under your jurisdiction source for the
right distributor for their brand or products in the region.

Virtual trade Missions

With the onset of Covid-19, the business world has gone virtual (but
we have been doing this way before Covid-19 hit). Count on us to
help arrange the right meetings for your companies, arranging the
meeting times, interpreters to ensure your companies get the
business done. Till date, we had assisting various government bodies
on virtual trade missions such as the states of North Dakota in the
USA, Saskatchewan in Canada, Indonesia and more.

Due Diligence Reports

Looking to sign a deal with a South American company but unsure of
their background? We can help you conduct a background check on
the company, be it the company’s financial health, if the companies
are registered in country and more

Market Regulations

Market regulations is a part and parcel of business. We help to make
the process easier by providing our clients with a summary of what is
needed, without the hassle for them to go through detailed
documents such as procurement processes, legal frameworks and
importation permits.

Goverments that we work with:

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