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Food - Reverse Trade Mission - August 2017

As a follow-up to the “Better For You” conference that we organized in Peru in April, we took a delegation of 8 Peruvian companies to North Dakota August 14-18 to visit producers and processors of leguminous products such as chickpeas, flaxseed, black beans, lentils and pinto beans among others.

Food Retail - Trade Mission - November 2015

7 companies travelled to Bogota on the mission, with 1 company participating virtually, and a further one company being represented by Food Export during this activity.  We arranged a market briefing with speakers from AmCham, Serince Customs Agency, the Colombian Customs Service and a Colombian importer, which was followed by a four-stop retail tour of supermarkets and gourmet food outlets.  On the second day, a total of 82 one to one meetings were arranged for the 9 participating companies and this was followed with an industry networking cocktail.  Transport and linguistic services were arranged and provided throughout as well as support in receiving samples and promoting the visiting companies through an in-house produced supplier booklet.

Food - Trade Mission - March 2016

Two Northern Irish companies participated in the week long trade mission to Mexico City and Guadalajara for a total of 15 meetings.  One company also participated in ANTAD, a food trade show, in Guadalajara.  We helped arrange the meetings, transport and interpreters.

Food Export - Webinar - July 2015 

A one hour webinar for Food Export member companies to learn about the Colombian food and beverage industry for retail and food service.  The presentation highlighted the best prospects and niche market segments for US supplier and included an overview of exporting food and beverage products to Colombia looking at local import restrictions and regulations as well as how the trade promotion agreement has improved conditions for US suppliers.  The presentation was followed by a Q&A session allowing us to delve further into specific tariff and non-tariff barriers to entry for the participants’ products.

Food Grade Lubricants - Trade Mission - March 2015   

Identification and verification of potential distributors for a range of American food grade lubricants, greases and oils in Chile to replace the current distributor. Based on the clients requests we secured meetings with three potential distributors and escorted the company representative to these meetings, providing interpretation where needed.


Food Service - Market Reports - November 2015

We prepared 10 product specific pre-country visit reports for the ten companies registered to participated in the Focused Trade Mission for Retail and Food Service products to Colombia.  Each report contained an overview of the product category, information on trends and forecasts for the product, an import analysis, a cost analysis included landed costs, and a distribution analysis.

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Food Service - Sector Report - September 2015 

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Embassy in Santiago contracted our services to complete a detailed analysis of the Chilean Food Service industry covering Hotel, Restaurants and Institutional sectors.  The report analyzed recent trends, market size and growth, niche prospects for US suppliers, and included first hand interviews with industry experts.

Food - Market Reports - July 2017

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Embassy in Santiago contracted our services to complete two detailed reports of the Chilean Food& Beverage industry. One report focused on the Hotel, Restaurant and Institution (HRI) sector and the second on Food Ingredients.  The reports analyzed recent trends, market size and growth, niche prospects for US suppliers, and included first hand interviews with industry experts and the main industry players in each sector.

Food Product - Sector Report - March 2015 

For a US ready meal producer, interested in exporting their frozen pastas range to Chile and Colombia.  The study included an overview of the general food markets, the pasta and frozen foods sectors in each country, as well as information on exporting to both countries and recommendations on marketing and distribution of the products.  The study also included a list of verified potential importers and distributors of the product ready for an in-country visit for one-on-one meetings.

Food Service - Trade Mission - August 2015  

This formed the second part of the project with a US ready meal producer where we organized 4 meetings in Chile and 5 meetings in Colombia with important retail and food service companies with the aim to set up relationships to import the company’s frozen pastas and meatballs products.  The visit also included local retail tours of the most important supermarkets and food outlets.