BusinessHub is a trusted and experienced consulting firm providing a wide range of services to foreign companies interested in doing business in Latin America. We also assist foreign investors in identifying investment opportunities in Chile and Peru through mergers and acquisitions.

To be a leading business development and foreign investment consultancy firm in the region. To be renowned for inspiring our partners' success by working as part of their teams, and known for excellence in innovative, market-intelligent and dynamic solutions.

Our mission:

Our Company:

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BusinessHub is a boutique consulting firm providing up-to-date market intelligence and foreign investment services via our personalized service.  We partner with entities from around the world from both the public and private sectors, committing to help them take the best business decisions and gain a clear competitive advantage in each of the markets where we provide our services including Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador.

​Our unique approach in dynamic, innovative and pragmatic trade and investment solutions is based on in depth research and analysis of timely and reliable information from a range of key economic figures and trends.  Our data enables us to form a specific strategy designed to facilitate the process of market penetration by capturing important foreign investment and trade opportunities for our partners and providing them with actionable recommendations. 

​Investment opportunities are provided through finding funding sources, an in-house legal service, and expertise on mergers and acquisitions.  What is most valuable to us is that through our integrated service based on quality, honesty and results, we build long lasting, meaningful relationships with our partners which we can all be proud of.

our vision:

With the impetus and force of the Pacific Alliance, the trade zone that looks for the economic integration of the region, we recognize the potential for providing a wider range of opportunities to our partners, and also see synergies in these opportunities, especially in priority sectors such as infrastructure, mining, environment and energy. 

​Created thanks to the vision and ideas of Verónica Medina, CEO, BusinessHub brings together her commercial experience with the legal resources and experience provided by Alcalde & Cía, a prestigious Chilean law firm specialized in Public Private Partnerships and foreign investment projects. This enables us to provide a fully integrated and tailored service to our partners. We currently represent important international organizations including, but not limited to, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment and 1st West Mergers and Acquisitions.

​Apart from assisting our partners to enter their products and services in Latin American markets, we also offer a range of investment services.  We can help foreign companies find funding sources for their projects, identify local companies who may wish to undergo a merger or acquisition, and help companies to apply for the wide variety of public tenders offered by local governments.